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Seventh Son Records

Seventh Son Records is a Living Blues label

We have a deep love for the authentic blues traditions of the Mississippi Delta, the Hill Country and it's surrounding areas.

The blues lives within the artists we represent. Some say that real, old, authentic blues is long gone, old music from another world - but we say the real blues is still alive and well - you just need to open your ears to hear it.

We're committed - with the help of our incredible artists, to making sure that every show we are involved with is a success. To make sure every recording we make captures a moment. To make sure each tour we book is a journey - both for our artists, and our audiences.

We're a big family

Alongside our artists, Seventh Son Records is a coalition of designers, photographers, filmmakers and creative types from all over the world that come together for projects we think are awesome.

Australia & New Zealand
United States of America

Seventh Son Records is based in Northern Territory, and Mississippi.